How to choose laser and IPL for hair removal?

What is the difference between laser and IPL in weight loss therapy?

We realized that patients had some confusion when they understood the difference between laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment for hair loss.

Both treatments have been commercialized since the mid-1990s. They involve the production of light energy, which is then absorbed into the dark pigment of the hair, which ultimately causes damage to the hair follicle. Then reduce hair growth without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The main advantages of using laser hair removal instead of IPL hair removal techniques to reduce hair are:

Compared to IPL hair removal, laser technology is more effective and achieves better results. Most patients experience permanent alopecia after 6-12 treatments.

IPL hair removal is a cheaper, less effective technique for reducing body hair.
The laser is more precise and can selectively target dark shavings while keeping the surrounding skin intact.
Each laser pulse takes only a fraction of a second and can process several hairs at a time.
Laser hair removal can be used to treat larger body parts.
The laser settings can be adjusted to your specific skin tone and hair color.
The laser is safe for all skin tones, while IPL can cause burns on the deeper skin.

The results may vary from person to person.

The main difference between laser and IPL used as a hair reduction treatment is primarily in each technique used to generate light, as well as the different characteristics of the light used.

Laser hair removal

The 808nm diode laser hair removal produces a single wavelength of light (pure light consists of a single color and form) with a very concentrated beam and a specific target (melanin in the hair follicle).

The type/color of the hair and skin will determine the adjustment settings of the machine and will be discussed with you during the consultation. Adjust the laser machine to emit the exact wavelengths needed to treat the hair.

IPL hair removal

IPL hair removal machine is not a laser. These machines produce a wide range of wavelengths (such as light bulbs) that cannot be focused into a concentrated beam. Because a range of different wavelengths is dispersed at various depths, some of these are only effective for reducing hair.

A shallower penetration than a laser means that deeper, thicker hair cannot be effectively treated. In addition, some light can also be absorbed into the surrounding tissue, causing the pigment in the skin to heat up. This is why deeper skin types have a greater risk of burns.

Compared to IPL systems, laser machines generate more heat on the hair follicles for better results. Since heat is absorbed by the hair follicles rather than the skin, the risk of burning is reduced when using a laser machine. This also makes the laser safer for people with darker skin.

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